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The Franchising process is as follows:
1. Complete and submit a Franchise Application to the QUIZNOS Latin America & Caribbean Regional Office by courier:

Pablo Fernandez
Centro de Soporte de Teriyaki Experience
800 mts. norte de la rotonda de Multiplaza
Condominio Bodegas Áttica Comercial, No. 7
San José, Costa Rica

Or by email to:

2. Following receipt and review of your application, a Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) will be E-mailed to you. You should review this document carefully.

3. If you wish to proceed after reviewing the UFOC, we will then complete a background search and request a credit report to verify the financial information sent in your application.

4. If your financial review and telephone interview are satisfactory, you will be invited to visit our Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office in Costa Rica where you will meet with our Marketing, Training, Operations, Construction & Design, Supply Chain, and Quality Assurance departments. You will also be invited to visit our Quiznos restaurants, and talk to store managers and customers as part of your due diligence investigation.

5. If you are approved and wish to proceed, we will then enter into a Development Agreement with you by signing a Franchise Agreement and Development Rider. At this time, you will be required to pay the associated Initial Fees according with the units agreed within the Development Rider.

6. You begin your search for sites and submit the required forms. 

7. Once a site has been approved by our office, you will finalize your lease and financing arrangements and the Restaurant Opening process will begin.

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