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Personal Characteristics
Must have a clear understanding of the mutual goals and commitments necessary for the success of a multi-restaurant food service business and be willing to allocate the necessary human and financial resources to successfully develop, manage and promote the business. 

Type of company
Must be a strong, marketing-oriented company, involved in retailing or other service related business.  It is possible that other well-financed, highly visible companies that possess a strong knowledge of the marketplace and wiliness to acquire the services of experienced professional restaurant management personnel can qualify. 

Competitive Position
A Franchise Candidate would typically be granted developments rights for a specific territory/country.  As such, a Franchise Candidate would need to gain a dominant competitive position throughout the territory/country.  This ability is of key importance in the Franchise selection process.  Subsequently, the size of the territory/country granted may be adjusted to the capabilities of the organization. 

Financial Strength
A Franchise Candidate should have an allocated cash balance adequate to finance the project development program, including the necessary banking relationships to obtain financing called for in the development plan.  The Candidate should have a strong balance sheet and be successful in its primary business. 

Real Estate Holdings
It would be a considerable advantage for the Franchise Candidate to be the owner of a number of suitable restaurant sites or to have experience in real state acquisition and development.  Real estate acquisition and development expertise play an important role in the success of a multi-restaurant food service business.  

The acquisition of Franchise Development rights must be considered as a serious, long-term commitment, which will require the full support of the Franchisee’s human and financial resources.  The Franchise Candidate must be convinced that the multi-restaurant food service business has a growing role in the country’s economy and that the Quiznos restaurant concept is well positioned to capitalize that growth.  The Franchise Candidate must be willing to cooperate in the effective transfer of the brand concepts and standards to their respective employees. 

ImageThe Franchise Candidate should have a prestigious image and a reputation for honesty and integrity in dealing with the public, suppliers and other institutions.  The image is indispensable in dealing with landowners and purveyors.  The more reputable the Franchisee, the more accessible will be the means of achieving success.

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